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3 Tips to Prevent Employee-Driven Data Breaches After Sony Hack Serves as Warning

In a plot twist that is normally seen on the big screen, the culprit behind the Sony Pictures Entertainment attack may not have been just North Korea, as previously thought.

3 Major Security Lessons from the Sony Pictures Data Breach

With the devastating attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that exposed corporate and personal information, IT security professionals are using the intrusion as a warning for companies to strengthen their data security.

Game Over: Cloud Computing and the Sony Breach

By Ondrej Krehel, Identity Theft 911 There’s been a lot of commentary and gotcha-style journalism surrounding the Sony data breach, but not much constructive criticism. Yes, the breach could have easily been prevented. Had Sony enabled fairly standard firewall technology and kept its systems up-to-date with the latest patches, none of this most likely would […]

Don’t Get Pwned By Sony. Your Information May Have Been Stolen – Now What?

In light of recent announcements regarding major breaches and stolen PII (personally identifiable information) of Epsilon clients, celebrities and now Sony’s PlayStation gamers, you may be left thinking, “what do I do if this involves me?” Identity Theft 911 experts have recently assembled the best tips to help you from falling victim to the several […]

Game Over. Sony’s PlayStation Network Gets Hacked

On April 26, Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) announced more bad news regarding an outage that occurred between April 17 and April 19 – customers’ information, including email addresses, names, home addresses, passwords, date of birth and perhaps even credit card information – may have been compromised due to an invasion into the network.  With approximately […]

We’re All to Blame for the Identity Theft Epidemic

The other day a reporter asked me who’s to blame for the growing epidemic of identity-related tax fraud. I almost replied, “the government and the bad guys,” but I caught myself before committing to that inaccuracy. “We’re all to blame,” I said. I believe that breaches, and the identity theft that flows from them, have […]

Why Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan is Flawed

The president has discussed the issues of data privacy and cyber security several times recently, both during press conferences and the State of the Union address. He has put forth a handful of proposals to encourage more robust and more effective information sharing between the federal, state and local governments and organizations in private industry. […]

What SMBs Need to Know About CISOs

Small and medium-size businesses outsource a number of IT functions to improve operations and reduce costs. As they face growing data security threats—employee error or theft, cyber attacks, and more—it’s critical for SMBs to develop robust information security programs. While it may not make financial sense for SMBs to bring a chief information security officer […]

5 Data Protection Tips for SMBs

Small and medium-size businesses face mounting risks to their data security. Data breaches at large corporations such as Sony Pictures and Morgan Stanley make headlines. But many smaller organizations are typically more vulnerable to threats because they lack the technical and financial resources necessary to properly protect sensitive data. There are a number of reasons […]

Through the Cybersecurity Crystal Ball: The Biggest Threats to Come in 2015

Looking forward to cyberthreats likely to emerge in 2015, IT security professionals are cautious about the state of data security due to key cyber-related risks.