In light of recent announcements regarding major breaches and stolen PII (personally identifiable information) of Epsilon clients, celebrities and now Sony’s PlayStation gamers, you may be left thinking, “what do I do if this involves me?”

have recently assembled the best tips to help you from falling victim to the several potential dangers and scams resulting from these illegal activities.

But, the Sony PlayStation breach presents consumers with a new set of challenges to keep compromised data safe.  The large scale of the breach, coupled with a demographic that includes many minors, makes for a perfect storm for identity thieves.

Some tips to stay safe after an online breach:

1. Determine if you were impacted – ask your kids and significant other if they have a PlayStation or Qriocity gaming account.

2. Check your PlayStation account for the type of information in your profile to give a better idea of what is out there and what data may have been compromised.

3. Change all of your user access credentials to the impacted Sony services – if you use the same access credentials for your credit card or bank account tied to the Sony Account, you will want to change those credentials as well. It is important to also watch financial statements for unauthorized transactions and be aware of potential email, phone or mail scams.

4. Contact the credit/debit card issuers for the records on file with Sony and Qriocity and let them know of the situation – you may want to ask that the existing card be canceled and a new one issued.  At minimum, it might be a great time to take advantage of the various transaction alerting options that are available through many issuers to alert you to significant or unusual transactions.

5. Let your kids know the severity surrounding this breach and the potential for exploitation of personal information.  Tell them to let you know if they become aware of  “new friends” trying to connect with them through the gaming system and to never give out any personal information about themselves, their family, or respond to messages that appear to be from Sony asking for more information or credit card details.

For more information, read some additional on how to decrease your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

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