By Matt Cullina, Identity Theft 911

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.
- Warren Buffett

There is no US entity, be it baseball, entertainment, or otherwise that is exempt from a data breach. And no worse way to damage a reputation than by mishandling your customers’ most sensitive information.

According to a , a New York Yankees employee accidentally emailed an internal document that contained sensitive information of more than 21,000 season ticket holders to approximately 2,000 clients. The information included the season ticket holders’ name, address, phone number, Yankees account number, seat number and more.

While the number of people affected in this breach pales in comparison to the 77 million affected from Sony’s PlayStation breach, or the numerous hospital and bank breaches being publicized every day, it illustrates the haphazard way in which businesses’ and consumers’ private data is being handled. No consumer is safe when giving out their personal information and no industry, business or entity is safe from employee negligence, cyber attacks or data theft.

For every kind of organization, there’s a need for data risk management, breach security, and risk mitigation that meets the needs of the organization, their industry, their locale, and their customers and members. Financial information, medical records, customer information, and student data are all examples of information that has been accessed as a result of data breaches. The incidents can occur under a number of different scenarios like employee carelessness, hacked databases and stolen electronics which may contain sensitive information.

More than 75 percent of states legally require organizations to contact affected individuals when a data breach occurs, so it’s important for organizations to know how to properly cover their bases. As security protocols change, so must an organization’s tactics and strategies. After all, you don’t want your biggest fans going to the rival’s team. By the way Yankees fans, if you’re looking for a switch, Red Sox Nation will always welcome you.

Matt Cullina, Chief Executive Officer,
Matt has 15 years of insurance industry management, claims and product development experience. He spearheaded MetLife Auto & Home Insurance Co.’s personal product development initiatives, managed complex claims litigation and served as a corporate witness for Travelers Insurance and the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co.

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