By Ondrej Krehel,

Have you ever considered how many websites house your personal information? If you haven’t here’s the list:

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The links will take you to opt-out instructions. The scary part, however is that this list, courtesy of on the topic, is far from complete. (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse maintains a on these sites.)

These kinds of sites are popping up every day. And if you’ve ever tried to remove yourself from any of them, you can see why a side business of is booming. In the past, many asked the question, Who owns the Internet? These days we have to ask, Who owns our data?

Ondrej Krehel, Chief Information Security Officer,
Ondrej has more than a decade of network and computer security experience. His expertise extends to investigations of intellectual property theft, massive deletions, defragmentation, anti-money laundering and computer hacking. He led U.S. computer security projects at Stroz Friedberg and worked in IT security at Loews Corp.

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