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We’ve been warning consumers about fake overseas for a few years now. So it can be disheartening when we hear stories, like this one that was :

I received a recorded call at work that said I had written a bad check and would be served court papers…that day. The message then left a phone number to call to try to “settle” or arrange a payment plan. I got really scared and called the number. The lady said…they are middle man to recover past due pay day loans.


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Over the past few months there’s been a growing hue and cry over reports that some for their Facebook login and password information as part of the vetting process. They are hardly alone, though it’s not easy to know just who’s doing it and who’s not. But this is not new–some state and local government agencies, particularly law enforcement agencies, have been doing it for years.


Card numbers for as many as 1.5 million MasterCard and Visa cards were compromised in a recent data breach of payment processor Global Payments Inc. As a result, issuers are canceling cards and reissuing new ones for customers, while MasterCard and Visa are doing their best to reassure cardholders that they won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges.

While the fact that cardholders aren’t responsible for fraudulent charges is true, it’s not as though we don’t have anything to worry about when these kinds of happen. Here are three serious problems you may not have heard about:


For those of us who care about , these past seven days have truly sucked.

With relatively little fanfare in the midst of a cacophonous (that means ) parade of news, three significant events seriously undermined our constitutional right to privacy and highlighted (in a muted sort of way) the extent to which new business practices and perhaps the second oldest human inclination (criminality) have continued the relentless assault on our individual rights and liberties. The worst part is that it seems we’re all becoming accustomed to it. Indeed, these affronts to our privacy seem to be becoming part of the country’s genetic makeup… perhaps even as American as apple pie.



Experts are predicting an unusually threatening tornado season this year. The recent twisters from Illinois to are just a sign of what’s to come.

The National Weather Service has reported a significant increase in tornadoes for the months of January through March. And it’s just the beginning, as peak months are April, May and June.