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Colorado is going through its worst wildfire season in a decade. More than half a dozen wildfires are burning across the state, threatening tourist destinations, small businesses and homes. The forced more than 32,000 people to evacuate the area.

The and have safety checklists for before, during and after a wildfire that include tips on how to protect your family, home and business in the event of a wildfire.

Our experts outline key tips to protect your identity and the identities of your loved ones:


Many financial institutions in Europe have no way to test their security plans to protect customer data, according to a study.

Even more troubling: one in five banks surveyed didn’t know if they had suffered a data breach in the past three years. The from information management firms PwC and Iron Mountain also revealed that:


A taunt, or even a malicious lie, is hurtful enough when uttered on a school playground or in the cafeteria. When the same slur is tweeted or posted on Facebook, it graduates to a whole new level. And children might not be the only ones accountable for it.

Parents might find themselves on the hook legally for what their children say online. Tweets or posts that cross the line are prompting defamation of character or libel lawsuits.

Consider these cases: A Georgia teenager is for libel for allegedly creating a Facebook account in her name and posting racist comments. And a Houston father recently his against three children and their parents for allegedly targeting his daughter in malicious posts on Facebook.


Exclusive: Free Live Webinar brought to you by Identity Theft 911, How to sell data loss coverage to your business customers

How to sell data loss coverage to your business customers

Consider the facts: 562 million records exposed since 2005. $5.5 million average cost to company. And $194 average cost per record. Now consider your customers. Don’t leave them unprotected. Deliver coverage they need to reduce their risk—-and yours. Learn how in less than an hour.


Predators sexually assaulting children with help from a . Kids other kids online. Pimps luring into prostitution on Facebook.

There’s no shortage of cautionary tales about social media risks for children. They’re all over the news. In a recent Harris Interactive poll, more than two-thirds of parents said they had children between the ages of nine and 13 who were active on a social networking site*.


Exclusive Webinar at National PTA Convention by Cyber Experts Will Unveil Survey Results of Parent’s Top Social Networking Fears

Exclusive: IDentity Theft 911 with National Parent Teacher Association to Unveil Social Networking Survey Results During Free Live Webinar

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In conjunction with the National PTA Convention, IDentity Theft 911 (IDT911) will host a webinar Thursday, June 21 at 12:00 p.m. ET.  Matt Cullina, CEO of IDentity Theft 911, will unveil findings from a Harris Interactive survey of parents about their child’s social networking habits and what issues cause them the most fear.  To address these concerns, Tim Woda, co-founder of, and national cyber safety expert, will present about the specific risks plaguing parents and ways to mitigate their concerns. Moderated by James Martinez, senior manager of media and public relations for the PTA, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during the subsequent Q&A session.


When you think of online scams, it’s easy to imagine them based mainly in Eastern Europe or Nigeria.

But the hard-working folks at show otherwise in a new infographic that covers online scams around the world.

Can you guess the #1 hotspot in the world for Internet scams?


Unsalted hashes. Salted hashes. Understanding these terms will help you fortify your online accounts. Our experts break down the tech talk behind the LinkedIn breach.


1234 is not a strong password. Neither is 654321. But people used them and other really bad passwords on their LinkedIn accounts. Check out the infographic below from and be sure to get our password protection tips here.


People who rely on LinkedIn for professional networking keep a wealth of information stored on their profile pages.

With a exposing 6.5 million user passwords, LinkedIn users need to take steps to protect their personal data.

Here are five tips we recommend you follow: