People who rely on LinkedIn for professional networking keep a wealth of information stored on their profile pages.

With a exposing 6.5 million user passwords, LinkedIn users need to take steps to protect their personal data.

Here are five tips we recommend you follow:

1. Change your password immediately. Log in to your account. Go to settings and click on “Password Change.”
2. Create a strong, new password. It should have numbers, upper- and lowercase letters, and symbols. For example, “3Dogz$$!” is better than “1006.”
3. Change your password on other accounts. If you used that same password on any other accounts—say a bank account or email account—be sure to change those passwords, too.
4. Stay alert. Pay attention to any posts, website links, messages and requests; they could be scams.

5. Protect your friends. If your account is compromised, alert your close friends so they don’t become victims. Contact LinkedIn to either regain control of your account or freeze it.

For more information about ways to protect yourself from identity theft on LinkedIn, check out our slideshow How You’re LinkedIn to Identity Theft.

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