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Identity thieves who have fallen on hard times, take heart. The IRS is here to help.

If you’re counting on that big tax refund to cover the bills and upgrade your gear to steal debit card numbers and hack into computer systems, this is your year.

The IRS may have delivered to you and your compadres who took the initiative to file fraudulent tax returns in 2011, according to Treasury Department investigators.

Keep your nose to the grindstone, and you’ll see a windfall in the next five years, when an estimated $21 billion could head your way, according to The Associated Press.


It’s another manic Monday, and you’re racing to drop off the kids, fight traffic, and get to work in time—to watch the Olympics.

Americans are putting in time at the office—not to do actual work, but to watch Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings go for gold in beach volleyball. Or the hot, post-Hunger Games event of archery. Or men’s trampoline. (Yes, men’s trampoline! Who knew there was such a thing, and that the aptly named Dong Dong of China would win it?)

The Olympics will cost U.S. companies according to the digital media company Captivate Network. In Los Angeles, so many on their work computers that the chief technology officer begged them to stop or it would threaten the city’s entire cyber system.


By now you’ve all seen the video of American gymnast Aly Raisman’s parents wincing, twisting and turning in their seats as they watched their daughter compete for Team USA in the Olympics gymnastics competition. (If you’ve been off the grid, check it out )

We know how they feel, because when we see consumers making big mistakes online, we squirm and shout. We don’t yell “Stick it!” right before the dismount, but we get pretty worked up.

Just as NBC announcer Tim Daggett delivers one of his Daggets to the heart of a teenage gymnast (“That’s gonna be a half-point deduction …”), we’re going to be brutally honest about the performance of consumers. We can’t sugarcoat it, because there’s more at stake for online users than going for gold or settling for silver. One blip on the beam or pratfall on the pommel can make a bank-account balance drop faster than an icy judge’s score. And it’ll take more than a Wheaties box to build it back.


Scott Walker has earned a national reputation for his hack-and-slash approach to government spending. Working hand-in-glove with both Houses of the GOP-controlled Legislature, the Wisconsin governor .

While tight with the purse strings when it comes to public employees and a self-proclaimed advocate for small business (though very well-funded by big business), apparently the Walker administration does support full employment for at least one group of workers that clearly doesn’t rely upon collective bargaining: identity thieves.

Sherry knows she’s getting conned, but she can’t tell by whom. And while there’s a lot of fishy stuff happening on her phone lately, the only definitive proof she has of a scam is that somebody used her credit card information in a Gamestop store to try and buy video games.

“I’m frustrated,” a reader using the screen name “Sherry” said in response .