By Matt Cullina

With Canadian privacy breaches in the news and , businesses in Canada are recognizing that their data is increasingly at risk. As our lives move into the digital sphere, the security and privacy of sensitive personal information is increasingly vulnerable. For example, when an electronic health record is exposed, the privacy of a patient has been breached. In the event an individual’s social insurance number is compromised, his or her financial accounts and credit worthiness could be susceptible to fraud. These risks are still relatively new to many businesses in Canada, but they’re growing every day.

As a company, that closely mirrors the culture in Canada. We strongly believe in an environment where businesses have an inherent responsibility to their customers. And we’ve seen that Canadian companies embrace that position of responsibility. They’re stepping up to do what they can to minimize their data security risks because it’s good for business and for customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding IDT911 operations into Canada this year. We’re bringing our time-tested cyber security strategies to companies throughout the provinces.

Most privacy breaches aren’t the result of sophisticated hackers targeting specific companies, or even the nefarious behavior of bad employees, though these do happen on a regular basis. The reality is that most breaches occur when good employees fall prey to simple human error. “Where did that thumb drive go with the data I was going to work on at home?” Or, “Oh no, I left my laptop in my car while running errands, and I’ve returned to find someone has broken into my car.” It can even be something as simple as sending sensitive information to the wrong e-mail recipient.

We’ve been North America’s premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, identity fraud resolution and education services for six years, and expanding our services to provide assistance in Canada is a natural step in our development. Several carriers have recently started offering our comprehensive data breach services to small, midsized, and large businesses in Canada. And with additional carriers now in launch mode, IDT911 has quickly become a trusted name within the Canadian insurance marketplace.

The time to think about data security is before consumer information has been impacted. The services offered by IDT911 often can be built into existing policies, allowing businesses to have coverage and services tailored to this unique exposure.

If you’re a business in Canada, we hope you’ll talk with your insurance broker to find out about the types of privacy breaches and security coverages that are available to you.

Matt Cullina, Chief Executive Officer,
Matt has 15 years of insurance industry management, claims and product development experience. He spearheaded MetLife Auto & Home Insurance Co.’s personal product development initiatives, managed complex claims litigation and served as a corporate witness for Travelers Insurance and the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co.

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    As a paper shredding company which has just recently started up, I can tell you that Canadian citizens are becoming more and more aware of the importance of identity theft prevention. Services such as yours which encompass the digital sphere are integral to this cause.

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