While late night TV has shown that there is an endless array of stupid criminals out in the world, many identity thieves can’t be counted among that bunch. Using well-honed tech skills and some malicious creativity, these scammers are constantly looking for and launching new ways to prey on unsuspecting victims.

Since everyone is a potential target for identity theft, there’s no excuse for ignoring the latest tricks and hacks that these criminals come up with. Staying aware is staying safer, and becoming familiar with some quick tips will bring you security-until the next scam pops up. Keep these trending scams in mind, but never forget to stay updated by following identity theft news.

* Phishing goes mobile. Email phishing schemes, designed to lure users into clicking a link that installs malware on your computer, have gone beyond the desktop and the laptop. As more and more people use smartphones, thieves are tapping into the technology and texting links, often under the guise of being from a friend or family member, that do the same dirty work as traditional phishing links. Never click through on a texted link to a website-double check by doing a Web search for the URL.

* Capitalizing on disaster. The charitable impulse that follows in the wake of disastrous events is something that thieves want to make the most of. By setting up fake charities, soliciting donations and even posing as IRS agents who can help disaster victims with filing casualty loss claims, thieves heartlessly prey on good intentions and bad situations. Stay safe by only donating to recognized organizations, and never give out personal financial information or Social Security numbers.

Awareness is the key to identity safety in the age of creative criminals and hackers. Luckily, ID theft scams are often in the news-stay informed to stay protected.

For more information, please read this interview with IDT911 Co-founder and Chairman Adam Levin on .

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  1. DODY BENFER says:

    I have had many companies swear, when contacted, that their security was inplace and worked well enough that whatever I may have been describing as some sort of suspicious activity or possibility could not possibly be and I have had to endure attitudes and words like paranoid and imagination way too often. And then, they convinced me,,,yes, its not possible for typical everyday people to get past some of the very good security measures these companies have invested huge amounts of money and time in. And that was the day I made the decision that changed everything about the way I looked at identity theft in these days.. And it is very true that the only people who can get past the security measures of many places now a days are the phone reps and others who insist on needing your personal information and will not assist you in anything without whatever information they demand.. THEY are the only ones able to get into my accounts to do the things I described as suspicious… and still do.. and still get angry at the suggestion,, and still are willing to run off any customer who comes too close to their little mob of people’s games and willingness to use customers identities for whatever they decide they are going to use it for… trust me,,, its the employees doing the majority of identity thefts and frauds these days… Try to get any company to agree with that idea though and see how fast you get an extra thousand dollars added to whatever bill you have with them, so you will be a problem customer refusing to pay your debts and gone,,,, that quick..

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