A wedding is the happiest day in the life of every bride and groom. What comes after the celebrations should be filled with joy as much as possible, too. A harmonious marriage, as any longtime couple will attest, takes work-that’s why it’s important to get off to a good start. Surprisingly, the gifts on a registry list can make a real difference-something as seemingly simple as a paper shredder can save a lot of stress in the years to come.

Marriage involves a lot of documentation and paperwork concerning brides’ and grooms’ identifying information-keeping all of it secure should be a priority. The last thing any newlyweds want is to have to deal with the headaches and damages that come with . That’s where registering for a shredder can come in handy. Some documents need to be kept in a safe location, but others like credit card and bank statements, should be sent through a shredder that will keep identity thieves from finding the crucial information they’re after.

When registering for a , choose a cross-cut version that cuts both horizontally and vertically, rather than just into horizontal strips, which could be pieced back together by a patient . While there are companies that offer shredding services, keeping the task at home ensures that no third party will have access to the information you’re trying to conceal.

Working together, newlywed brides and grooms can foil the efforts of identity thieves. Register for a shredder, keep those key documents secured and shred everything that could pose a potential risk to that new-found marital bliss.

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