Post Office

Buying stamps from a kiosk at your local post office may be hazardous to your identity.

The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) has launched an investigation into reports of skimming devices on stamp vending machines at post offices nationwide, according to .

Fraudsters use skimming devices to copy credit and debit card information whenever customers swipes their card. The skimmers also copy PINs. They use that information to create counterfeit cards and withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases.

Krebs on Security reports that the USPIS is cautioning employees and customers:

“USPIS recommends customers who use the APC machine should personally visually inspect the machine prior to use,” the USPIS said. “Look for any type of plastic piece that looks like it has been slid over the actual credit card reader. Look for any other type of marking on the machine that looks as though it has been applied by a third-party.”

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