shutterstock_89604598Small businesses make risky choices every day by gambling that their business will fly below the radar of cyber criminals and not become a target for data theft. Businessowners are misguided in thinking their business is too small and their data is not valuable enough to a hacker.

Unfortunately, hackers don’t have to invest much time at all to breach a business’s network. Simple employee errors, like surfing an unsafe website or clicking links in a phishing email, can unwittingly open the door for a hacker, giving them access to the business’s network and sensitive information like customer names and addresses, account numbers, social security numbers, credit card information and even passwords.

The bottom line is it only takes one untrained employee to make a misstep to cause your business a full-scale data breach. If you are a business owner, take the time to invest in security awareness training that will educate your IT and security departments on how to protect against this and your employees on how to safely browse the Internet.

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