IDT911 unveiled , a new online publication for cyber privacy, data breach and identity fraud news, on Tuesday at the second annual Privacy XChange Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The news site will strive to engage readers in a conversation about these critical security issues at a time when companies of all sizes and in nearly every industry are experiencing data breaches as a third certainty in life.

Byron Acohido, one of the nation’s most respected cybersecurity and privacy experts, will serve as Editor-In-Chief. The site is underwritten by , the nation’s premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution, and education services. will feature breaking and investigative news pieces with commentary from industry experts.

“Data breaches and the identity theft that flows from them is the third certainty in life, and their effects can wreak havoc on the financial health and reputation of businesses and consumers alike,” said Adam Levin, chairman and founder of IDT911 and “The public is thirsty for knowledge about all things privacy, and business leaders now know that a breach can easily undo years of brand equity. Everyone at some point in their lives is going to get got, very likely more than once.”

Acohido was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting and 11 other national awards for investigative stories. He is highly-regarded in tech, journalism, government and academia as an author, analyst, instructor and public speaker dedicated to fostering fresh thinking and fruitful discussions about cybersecurity and privacy. 

Although a lot of information is available about data breaches and data security, “ironically enough, there is a vacuum for quality information, the kind of information I’ve spent over 35 years of doing, business journalism that tries to deliver content that is helpful to a target audience,” Acohido said.

Speaking to a more than 150 delegates in attendance at the pXf forum, he added, “Everyone in this room has to deal with this issue that is moving so fast. A key component of that is quality, journalistically distilled information.”

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