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When you hear about identity theft, you might be skeptical of just how bad it could be, or think it could never happen to you. On this week’s show, our guest Mark that took over his life when someone stole his identity—which led to him being arrested and held overnight in jail.  He faced what seemed like an unwinnable situation…but his homeowners insurance policy carried an often overlooked service that gave him a lifeline out of the nightmare. Debbie Quinlivan of MetLife also joins us to discuss how consumers can take advantage of identity theft resolution services that some homeowners insurance policies offer.

Ever contemplate just how much of your sensitive personal information is floating around in cyberspace? Ever wonder how you can mitigate that problem, or prevent it from happening in the first place?  Sarah Downey, a privacy analyst with online privacy company Abine, Inc., joins The Credit Line’s Adam Levin to discuss what consumers can do to prevent their sensitive information from getting on the Internet, and how to deal with what’s already out there.

Identity Theft 911 Founder Adam Levin and CEO Matt Cullina speak with DC’s WTOP radio show about the growing issue of child identity theft.

As part of the , Identity Theft 911′s Chief Privacy Officer Eduard Goodman spoke about online tracking.  The good news?  New legislation may protect you.  Click to listen.

Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, talks about Privacy by Design (PbD). PbD is a concept developed to ensure privacy by making it the default.

Privacy is about freedom. It is the right to be left alone… and to control what others know about us, and when.

Privacy by Design is a proactive approach to protecting privacy by building it right into how technologies, business practices, and physical spaces are designed, and how they are used. It anticipates and prevents privacy invasions before they happen.

It’s also a way of making sure that the privacy and freedom that we enjoy today continue to exist into the future.

Find out more about Privacy by Design, and what you can do to help shape the future of technology at

occurs when debt collectors target the wrong person for a debt. These cases exact a toll on , particularly in the wake of the financial crisis, by damaging credit and taking months to resolve.

Fraud Specialist Mark Fullbright talks about debt tagging, including what to if you are wrongfully tagged with someone else’s debt.

Don’t be fooled by snake oil marketing from some ID theft companies. Identity Theft 911 founder and chairman Adam Levin discusses what is being done to curb misleading claims, including a set of standards developed by a working group under the Consumer Federation of America.

Adam Levin, Identity Theft 911 chairman and founder, and Eduard Goodman, Identity Theft 911 chief privacy officer, spoke with Washington, D.C. radio station WTOP 103.5 FM about identity theft protection and simple ways to lower your risk of becoming a victim.

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Every organization faces the threat of cyber risks. These risks come in many forms, including market risks, financial risks, reputation risks, legal risks and more. It is important for risk managers to be aware of these threats and the potential consequences they face if a breach does occur. This series gives a basic overview of some of the threats and legislation in which organizations should be aware.

Cyber Risk Legislative Trends by Eduard Goodman

Cyber Risk Threats to your Organization by Ondrej Krehel spoke with Identity Theft 911 Chief Information Security Officer Ondrej Krehel about ways organizations can proactively defend against fraud and how forensics investigations can help protect against debilitating data breaches.

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